Security is a major aspect in the daily use of the Internet. But the various advantages of the electronic communication also carry many risks along. Through the increasing demand and the manifold use of the World Wide Web an immense technology of security options is available these days. Security has highest priority for all business activities of MOUNT10 INDIA. In all our Internet-based services we therefore take on a pioneering task. We pursuit the definition of new standards and work exceptionally with products of the very latest technology.

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MOUNT10 INDIA · digital security

  • Failure-proof disk systems
  • SSL data link encryption
  • 256-bit AES data encryption
  • SSL-encrypted web access
  • PKI architecture (digital certificates)
  • Redundant data storage

MOUNT10 INDIA · physical security

  • SWISS FORT KNOX ZeroRisk Datacenter
  • Computing centre infrastructure architecturally designed for autonomous operation
  • EMP-hardened throughout
  • Highly self-contained supply infrastructure
  • Redundant IP communications infrastructure
  • Ultra-strict access procedures
  • Strong personal privacy
  • Level 1 support 7x24h on-site

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