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Valuable data, reliably secured inside the Swiss Alps

Computer date is often just as valuable as gold. A loss can lead very quickly to a fatal disaster for individuals as well as corporations. It is therefore a must to create a backup copy of such data periodically. Online Backup Storage does not have to be expensive nor complicated. It can be achieved easily with only a few mouse clicks – fully automatic!

Customer data, strategic documents, employee information an much more: private users and companies – from SME’s up to international enterprises – they all store such information nowadays on digital devices. This is very practical – but the security is often the flip side of all amenities. Computer problems, theft or natural disasters can all lead to an entire data loss. Hundreds of working hours or even entire company structures are quickly at risk. This threat can easily be minimized with Online Storage Backup.

Professional “Backup” is more than simply “storing” and having Backup Storage Online is the best way to secure data protection.

Data sets are changing on a daily basis. Storing such information on external devices is neither long lasting nor very user friendly. This inexpensive technology can fail very easily, the fast recovery of individual data is very complicated – often even impossible. The maintenance of such a backup infrastructure is often also very time-consuming thus leading to high operating costs and additionally requires a solid know-how while it is very easy to get Data Backup Online and even more easy and comfy to access your data whenever you need it, from your laptop, tablet, or phone. Online backup represents an easy and secure alternative. Sensitive data is stored via the internet at a secure location. The vast increasing Internet bandwidth allow for its use almost everywhere. MOUNT10 INDIA is offering online backup very successfully for many years.

Security and discretion within the Swiss Alps

MOUNT10 INDIA is using infrastructure of highest security from SIAG Secure Infostore AG. Since 1994 SIAG operates these two truly unique, underground datacenters in former – as well as active facilities of the Swiss Army, deep inside the Alps. This self supplying, secure infrastructure is built to resist against earth quakes, environmental disaster and even elector magnetic impulse. The access control is very restrictive and constantly monitored by a 24h operation. Several thousand customers from over 30 countries entrust their data to this system since many years. Their data is mirrored at a daily basis to the well secured servers deep inside the heart of the Swiss Alps.

“The physical protection of our facilities as well as the political stability of Switzerland makes our offering especially attractive for foreign companies” says SIAG CEO Christoph Oschwald.

Easy, fast and value priced

Now a days Online Data Backup Services are in great demand that can provide Personal Data Backup as well. Online Backup is very easy to operate for all customers. Selecting the data to be protected is the only task after a guided installation of the software. The rest takes place fully automated. Storage and time are cost effective – this is why the entire process is carried out as a service in the background.

“MOUNT10 INDIA” offers an ideal backup solution for every need – and during the actual process the user can work without any interruption” says Flo Schweri, Managing Director.

All data is transferred encrypted to both data centers – and if required the information can easily and fast be restored to the local computer

Customer requirements can vary enormously and MOUNT10 INDIA is one stop solution to protect all precious data of your computer simply secure it online via Backup Your Data Online . For our services and solution we are offering low priced single license version, attractive enterprise packages and even dedicated systems On the basis of a free 30 day demo license, everyone can explore the amenities of a reliable, fully automated backup service.

Datacenter concept of highest security in the Swiss Alps

The Swiss company SIAG Secure Infostore AG is a specialist for storing, archiving and securing physical as well as electronic assets. Various service versions offer a customer tailored solution for every professional single user as well as business demand – regardless of its project size.

At well hidden locations within the Bernese Alps SIAG operates since 1994 the two truly unique, underground datacenters with the code name SWISS FORT KNOX. Facilities of the Swiss Army are being used as top modern data fortresses for sensitive electronic information from individuals, enterprises and even the financial sector.

All sites are equipped with an autonomous supply of all areas (such as energy) as well as an independent climate from the outside world. The construction can resist against every military and civil thread – such as floods, earthquakes and electromagnetic impulses. The access is strictly limited and is monitored on a 24h basis. Various areas are only accessible for selected employees and all operational processes require a 4-eyes principle. Manifold security measurements of the entire infrastructure reduce every possible risk scenario to an absolute minimum.

Large sized enterprises use the offering since many years and operate either part – or all of their server infrastructure on the basis of a housing agreement inside SWISS FORT KNOX. Sensitive computer data is thus ideally protected against any possible danger. Next to pure data backup solutions entire datacenters are being relocated to the mountain. The physical protection of the facilities as well as the political stability of Switzerland makes the offering highly attractive – especially for foreign companies.

For many years, the often limited internet bandwidth has made it impossible for SME’s to use such opportunities effectively. A fully automated, daily backup via the Internet has technically not seemed to be possible just a few years ago. Thanks to the vast development of the internet and its speed over the past few years, the offering at SWISS FORT KNOX is nowadays available for everyone.

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