Long Term Data Backup Storage Solutions

The MOUNT10 INDIA is part of a larger group of companies with more than two decades of experience in the area of Manufacturing, Construction Materials , Import Export, Distribution, Food Trading and now we have forayed into IT with solutions and recovery services. The group has a wide presence across Australia, Middle East & India and offers data backup storage solutions for all.

We are a dedicated Indian concern of MOUNT10 AG, Switzerland, a trusted name for providing secure data storage services. We have exclusive business rights for the Indian market. Our operations are headquartered out of Noida; and we provide long term online data storage services to a wide variety of clientele across all business verticals in India. It is the leading provider of highly secured storage solutions for electronic information, data backup storage solutions and fully automated online data backup facilities for SMEs to major enterprises, startups, and self-employed individuals and companies of all sizes with different data backup and storage needs. Because Online backup is the best way to secure data protection.

We focus on keeping all your work data in one secure place with online file storage. MOUNT10 INDIA makes it very easy to get long term data storage so that it could be easy and comfy for you to access your work whenever you need it, from your laptop, tablet, or phone. It is one stop solution to protect all precious data of your computer simply secure it online via our online data storage services.

We offer our complete portfolio of service offerings under two key services for the Indian market.

Long Term Data Storage Data Management for clients across verticals serviced by Partners across India including service & support.

Data Backup Storage SolutionsComplete Data Management & support by MOUNT10 AG.

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